There are 2 energy forces at work in your home and workplace. The visible forces and the invisible forces. Visible forces are the physical features of the space that you can see. The invisible forces are the energetic forces such as flow through the space, lingering feelings or behaviors of previous occupants and invisible occupants such ghosts and spirits. Every person that has ever occupied your current space has left an energy deposit of their experiences, thoughts, and behaviors there.

Who occupied your home or workplace before you? Were they prosperous, happy, and successful or did they go bankrupt, get divorced or have health problems? Why did they move out? Do you know anything about the people that occupied your space before you? If you are the first occupant in a space, the questions you ask are about the land and what happened there before your building was constructed. The answers to these questions tell you if there are positive or negative energies lingering in your space.

It is as if there is a dance going on between the home, workplace and the occupants. The energies of the home and workplace influence the vitality of its occupants, and the energies of the occupants dance with the energy of the home and workplace. The occupants energy lingers in the space long after they move out. When you look for a place to live or office space you feel the energy of a space when you walk in. One place may feel uplifting while another feels heavy or draining. Chances are the lingering energy of previous occupants is still present in the space.

That is why a Feng Shui specialist wants to know who was in your space before you and what caused them to  leave. If they were happy, successful, and healthy  that vibe is in the space and supports you. If they were depressed, went bankrupt, or had relationship problems that vibe is in your space and may drain you.

People often do not know that the energy of their space is polluted by the energy of their predecessors.  If the people in your space got divorced while living there, then divorce energy is in your home and is always present. As the dance between you and your space continues the energies of the predecessor’s divorce are present and impact your personal relationships.

Yes, businesses are affected too. If you moved into a business space where the previous business failed, the failure vibe is  present in your current business. Have you ever watched a particular location have a string of businesses open to go out of business in a short time? It is as if one failure piles on top of previous failures. Are you struggling to reach your business goals? Having trouble making the income you desire? Having trouble getting new clients? It may have something to do with the  previous occupants of your space.

The sacred space within you and around you gets clogged with outside energies. You know that has happened when you feel overwhelmed, drained, scattered or cranky. If nothing is done to clear these outside energies they continue to influence you in negative ways.

Perhaps you are struggling in a relationship, you have a health challenge, or you are confused about your Soul’s calling.

An intuitive Feng Shui space clearing brings you back to yourself by clearing the foreign energies in your body field and/or your home or workplace.  Is it time to take your space back?

Let me know how you feel in your home or workplace. If you have a question I am available for you.

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Nancy Dadami is a Feng Shui Mentor, Creatively Fit Coach, and Speaker. She teaches open-minded people to live in “the flow”, unlock their potential and align with their Inner Magnificence so they can create magic in the world



Feng Shui Invisible Forces: How They Affect You
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