It was an ordinary day, or so she thought.

She did not know that her ah-ha moment was waiting for her like a bobcat quietly crouching in the grass, focused on his prey.

That is how ah-ha moments are, they rarely give you a warning of their approach.

But when they arrive, it is like the light goes on, and everything makes more sense.

The connection between Feng Shui and Medicine Painting caught me in an ah-ha moment.

Typically, I ask Feng Shui clients to show me around their house to give me an introduction to the space before I read the energy and recommend remedies.

This consultation was different because each time I went into a room and asked about a particular piece of furniture or painting, the client said, “Oh, I hate that thing.”

After the third time, I realized that every item she hated was in the self-knowledge or, as I refer to it, the Inner Magnificence part of the Feng Shui bagua.

When I pointed out to her that in each room, she said she hated the objects in the areas represented by her Inner Magnificence, she was horrified because she believes she loves herself.

The way she had her home set up was not supporting her Inner Magnificence, in fact, she admitted that she was struggling with self-confidence. She wanted to know what Feng Shui remedy she could use to improve this area of her life. I will tell you what I told her. Stay tuned.

My ah-ha was that Inner Magnificence is the most important part of our life. If we do not love ourselves or lack confidence, everything is a struggle.

Nancy Dadami

After that, every consultation revealed issues with self-knowledge and Inner Magnificence. When people are disconnecting from their Inner Magnificence, their confidence and self-love suffer, which leads to struggles in relationships, health, and money.

 I will just give you another example. I was working with a couple that was distant and withdrawn from each other. Their relationship was suffering.

When I went into the bedroom, I could see why. The area represented by Inner Magnificence was empty. There was not a picture on the wall, not a plant in the corner, not a chair or a table, nothing. It was empty, which leads me to believe that there is no investment on their part into their relationship with themself.

Without self-love, how could they have a healthy relationship with each other?

The space in your home is a mirror of your inner world.

Remember that first consultation I told you about where the woman hated everything in the area represented by her self-knowledge and Inner Magnificence? This is what I told her. She had to find things that she felt represented her Inner Magnificence and place them in those areas. It was about the discovery process of choosing what represented her self-love.

Six months later, she called to tell me she was feeling much more confident, her relationships were better, and was getting new clients.

This is the beginning place where Feng Shui meets Medicine Painting.

I had no art training and no painting experience. If someone had told me five years ago that I would be an artist and offer painting as a path to transformation, I would have laughed.

When I discovered Medicine Painting, it was like finding a missing piece to the Inner Magnificence puzzle. Medicine Painting works from the inside out as personal medicine for Inner Magnificence. It has the power to give you ah-ha moments, awaken consciousness, and discover your healing.

Medicine Painting works with your Inner Magnificence. When you show up at the front of the canvas, your Soul essence shows up at the back of the canvas, and the dance begins. There are insights, personal growth, and transformation.

The insights give you awareness of issues, problems, or blocks ready for a transformation. Once you get the awareness, it changes how you deal with a situation or issue forever. You see from a higher perspective.

Let me give you an example from a Medicine Painting I painted. I began the process with an open mind and a commitment to self-discovery. The painting had four layers, with each layer going deeper. What emerged were three of my superpowers.

My first superpower is “I Matter.” There is no one like me on this planet. I matter to me, to my family, and the world.

My second superpower is “I am enough” the way I am at this moment.

My third superpower is “I allow other people to have their own experience.” I am not responsible for rescuing someone. In the painting, this superpower shows up as a bridge on my medicine bottle. When I stand on the left side of the bridge, I choose how and when it is appropriate for me to cross the bridge and offer help. (Only part of the painting is shown here)

Before, I just ran across the bridge and offered my help, opinion, and ideas without considering if they wanted my input. Now I help someone if they ask me.

I know there is value in letting people find their answers too. Their experience is part of their journey.

That first painting transformed how I think and operate within myself and others. I began to see my life from a higher perspective.

A heavy burden lifted off my shoulders that I did not even know I was carrying around.

This is where Feng Shui meets Medicine Painting.

Feng Shui is medicine for your home. It helps correct design details in your home that are not supporting the kind of life you want.

Medicine Painting is your medicine that helps you achieve the life you want to live from the inside out.

Although Feng Shui or Medicine Painting operate separately, when you combine them, you get insights, move energy, and create space for transformation. Together they are powerful energy shifters.

If you have questions or comments, you can contact me here.

Nancy Dadami envisions a world where: home provides a refuge to refresh and replenish, Connection Matters, and Creative Expression is Empowering.

Feng Shui Meets Medicine Painting