Who occupied  in your home or workplace before you? Were they successful, happy or did they go bankrupt or get divorced? You really should know because their energy may be affecting your happiness and success.

Every person that has ever occupied your current space has deposited a vibe there. To coin Clint Eastwood, whether it be good, bad, or ugly they have left a vibe in your space. That is why a Feng Shui specialist wants to know who was in your space before you and what caused them to  leave. If they were happy, successful, and healthy  that vibe is in the space and supports you. If they were depressed, went bankrupt, or had relationship problems that vibe is in your space and is draining to you. People often do not know that the energy of their space is polluted by the energy of their predecessors.  If the people in your space got divorced while living there, then divorce energy is in your home and is always present. When my husband and I  moved into our current home we knew the previous owners had gotten a divorce. We did not want that energy affecting us so I performed some Feng Shui cleansing rituals and neutralized those divorce vibes.

Yes, businesses are affected to. If you moved into a business space where the previous business failed, the failure vibe is  present in your current business. Are you struggling to reach your business goals? Having trouble making the income you desire? Having trouble getting new clients? It may have something to do with the  previous occupants of your space.

If someone died in the space death energy is there. Sometimes the spirit of the person that died  may still be in the space, causing difficulties for you. That is why it is so important to know about your predecessors and their reasons for leaving the space.  And even more important for you to have a space clearing ritual by a professional Feng Shui Consultant.

Even if you do not know about the previous occupants circumstances, it is recommended that you have a space clearing to ensure your health, success, and happiness.

I perform Feng Shui remedies and ceremonies to clear the predecessor energy from spaces, clearing negativity and allowing you to fill the space with your dreams, hopes, and success.

Feng Shui Tip #6 Predecessor Energy

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