Are looking for something you can do to improve your luck and good fortune? There are several Feng Shui enhancements that bring good luck and good fortune. There is one Feng Shui remedy that not only brings great luck and fortune to you it also improves your karma. Professor Lin suggests “performing one good deed everyday for 27 days”. This is a powerful Feng Shui remedy and will improve your luck, good fortune, karma, and your opportunities.

The good deeds can be small, helping someone you don’t know, put their groceries in the trunk of their car, giving the right of way to that car next to you in traffic, or calling an elderly person that you know is lonely. Although 27 days is a long time, it is well worth the effort. Besides, think of all the people who will have a better life, just from coming into contact with you.

I have started my 27 days of good deeds and will share some of my experiences with you over the next 27 days. What good deeds are you doing?

Feng Shui Tip #9

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    It is a great way to live being happy and lucky.

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