Everywhere I look in nature I see the quietness and dormancy of  Winter beginning to reach for the new life of Spring and I am reminded of the importance of Spring in Feng Shui. A time of new beginnings, a time to decide what it is you really want, and a time to clarify your intentions. A time to set priorities and balance for your life. Want more harmony in your life? Try these Feng Shui tips:

  • Surround yourself only with things that you love, really love. And get rid of the rest. You may begin with something small such as your nightstand. What is on it, in it, and around it? Do you really love it, if so it is a keeper.
  • Look at the area where you store your bills while you are waiting to pay them. Is it organized? Do you have a system to keep track of what you have, how to put your hands on it, and when to pay it? An organized place for bills creates a smooth passage for money to flow into your life.
  • Add music to your surroundings at home and at work whenever possible. Music will uplift your chi/energy and allow more positive thoughts and things to come to you.
  • Remove your electric blanket or at least unplug it. The EMF (electromagnetic field) created by the blanket can cause you to have disrupted sleep, headaches, and tension.
Feng Shui Tips for March

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