Symbols influence you every day, even when you are not aware of it.

Your brain recognizes and knows the meaning of many common symbols.

When you see a red circle with a diagonal red line through it you have instant recognition. You know it means “No”. No to whatever is pictured inside the red circle, no smoking, no food, no swimming, or no pets.

The International Red Cross organization uses a symbol of a red cross on a white background. It is recognizable and usually means there is disaster that requires help. Everyone knows the red cross symbol is a sign of good will, protection and humanitarian support. Your mind knows help is either present or on the way when this symbol appears.

You communicate using symbols every day.

Our use of symbols goes back to early man. Symbols have been used by many peoples and cultures throughout history.  Man began using symbols to communicate, record events, and tell stories.  We see evidence of that on cave walls, inside pyramids, and on ancient scrolls.

Symbols have been and still are included in spiritual rituals and religious ceremonies. The cross, the chalice, and symbols of the elements (fire, earth, water, metal, wood) are examples of sacred symbols from ancient times that are still part of rituals and ceremonies today.

Transmitting power to a person or place is another way we use sacred symbols. During my Reiki Master Teacher certification Reiki attunement symbols were used to transmit the power of the reiki master teacher healing energy to me.  I could feel the shift in my energy field during the process.

The Ankh, a sacred symbol from ancient Egypt, has been used to on many occasions to reach higher levels of consciousness.

The power of sacred symbols is available for each of us to use even in today’s world.

When Is A Good Time To Use Sacred Symbols?

Sacred symbols can be used to boost the energy of your intentions, prayers, and meditation, or when performing ceremony to bring in supportive energies from the heaven realm.

Boost your intentions by writing them down and including an image of the sacred symbol that represents the power you want to bring in to help manifest your intention.

When you pray you can hold an image of your sacred symbol in your hands or you can place the image on your personal altar, so it supports your prayers continuously.

At the beginning of your meditation you can visualize your sacred symbol and then bring it into your mind and heart. Know the symbol is present even when you let go and move into your meditation.

Portals to Possibilities

When you use sacred symbols, you are opening a portal into the energies of the universe. I believe sacred symbols are portals to the possibilities of your destiny and you can incorporate them into your everyday life. The portal is a gateway for the energy of your desires to enter.

I paint sacred symbols into my art intentionally. I choose the sacred symbols to open and empower my desires.  At some point the energy of the sacred symbols begins to radiate from the canvas, fill the room and bathe me in their power.  I have entered the portal to my possibilities.

When I hang that art in my home the entire piece radiates the energy of sacred symbols and my intentions into my surroundings, bathing me in that power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Imagine how it feels to be surrounded by the positive energy of your desires as that energy aligns with your personal energy. I notice I have more confidence, clarity and courage and I can focus on what I want more easily.  Negative thoughts and doubts seem to disappear. That is when I know I am living in the flow of my possibilities.

I amplify the manifesting power of my intentional art when I use Feng Shui principles to place the art in the most beneficial area of my home.

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Nancy Dadami is a Feng Shui Specialist, Creatively Fit Coach, and Artist. She teaches conscious business owners to arrange their personal and professeional surroundings to support their purpose and intentions using Feng Shui and Intentional Art..

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Harness The Power Of Sacred Symbols To Improve Your Life

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