Tip # 1 – The most important thing you can do is clear all your “clutter”. Clutter in your closets, under your bed, on your desk, in your kitchen, in the garage,and on your dresser.  If you love it, keep it. If you don't love it, get rid of it. You see your stuff has energy and it either has good vibes that support you or negative vibes that drain your energy.  Let's face it, you need the most positive energy going for you when you start the new year. So get busy, tossing the stuff that you don't really love. It will make a really big difference in moving forward in 2009.

Tip#2 – Clean all your mirrors and windows. They influence how you see the world and how the world comes to you. A little extra cleaning of those surfaces just makes it easier for your opportunities to find you.

Tip #3 – Clear up any unfinished business with family, friends, and colleagues.  Talk, write, sing or whatever it takes to clean up misunderstandings or mis-communications between you and anyone.  Do not carry anything over into 2009. Unfinished business drains your energy, your power,  and your ability to manifest your dreams.  Unfinished business sends you into the world in  lack. You are not fully present because part of you is stuck in unfinished stuff.

Tip #4– Think about what you want to create for 2009. Look at the areas that Feng Shui addresses and prioritize them: MyCareer, MyFamily, My inner magnificence/Knowledge, Wealth and Abundance, My reputation and fame, All of my relationships, Children and creative pursuits, Health, Benefactors, Helpful People and Travel. What are your top three?

Tip #5 – Write an intention(s) for your top three.  Write intentions in the present as if they have already happened. An example might be I intend that I am happy and healthy.  Use only positive language. Another example instead of saying that I intend that I am not afraid, say I intend that I am courageous.

Tip #6 – Once you have the intentions written. Read each one and feel it in your body the way you will feel when it is really complete. Give thanks for the completion of your intention and say a short prayer of your choosing, releasing it into the Universe.


Feng Shui Tips for the New Year

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