One of my Personal Growth Coaching clients felt general discomfort in her body and confusion in her mind.

She was worried this uneasiness would be a new way of life, and she did not want that. She practiced this Feng Shui method consistently to adjust her personal Chi. She noticed her energy level improving, her thoughts becoming more positive, and her increased feelings of peace and well-being.

Do you know a Feng Shui method to move stuck chi/energy in your body to improve your health and well-being?

Would you practice a method for adjusting your chi for a minimum of 27 days to improve your energy and well-being?

This method improves energy flow through your body, mind, and spirit.

“When you improve Chi flow your life changes”.

~Nancy Dadami

How does this Chi adjusting method work?

If the river has a fallen tree across it, the blockage slows down the flow or stops it completely. The slow flow results in unhealthy water.

Imagine Chi flowing in your body as water flows in a river. The banks of the river guide the flow of water on straight paths, around bends, and over rocks. Add some big boulders to the water, and the river flows around them. The flow may pick up speed and go faster around those boulders or slow down so much that a stagnant area is formed. Slow-moving or stagnant waters have minimal flow resulting in unhealthy water.

river flowing

When the flow has restricted, the health of the river is impacted.

Imagine Chi flows through your body as the water flows in a river. When the flow of Chi is restricted in your body, mind, or spirit, your health is influenced.

What are your banks made of (skin, thoughts, feelings, etc.)?

What are your boulders (clutter, negative thoughts, lack of self-care, etc.)?  

What is the quality of Chi flowing within you?

You can adjust the Chi of health for yourself with consistent practice every day.

Here is the Feng Shui method my client practiced daily to adjust the Chi of health:

Red Ball Purification Method


This method is used for adjusting the Chi of a difficult dream, the Chi of poor health, and the Chi of general discomfort.

By practicing this method, a person's Chi will improve, and an improved state of mind will be advanced.

It is so simple that a young children may learn this method and use it for themself.


  1. First thing in the morning, or whenever the need is present, visualize a red ball approaching you from a distance.
  2. The red ball comes closer and enters your body through the third eye (the space on your forehead between your eyebrows).
  3. The red ball (like the image of the sun seen with eyes closed) expands within you filling your body with red light.
  4. The red light absorbs all negative Chi and makes your body glow with red light. See your body glowing with this red light.
  5. Visualize your body is regenerated and is newly born. Allow time to visualize and feel this step.
  6. The red light rises from your body to your third eye and issues out of your third eye, completely removing all negative Chi.
  7. Visualize this as if it has already happened, feel it in your body, and believe it is so.
  8. Take a moment of silence to notice your body, mind, and spirit. Any changes?
  9. Give thanks.

Perform this method when you feel you need to remove negative Chi, rejuvenate yourself, and adjust the flow of Chi for yourself and your health.

Are you ready for more health and well-being? Practice this method for twenty-seven days, and let me know what happens. 

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Nancy Dadami envisions a world where: home provides a refuge to refresh and replenish, Intentions are bold, and Creative Expression is brave. She is a Feng Shui Specialist, Creative Expressions Coach, & Course Creator.

Here Is A Feng Shui Method To Adjust The Chi Of Your Health