Did you know your current concerns, problems, and challenges are visible in your floor plan?

Come with me as I show you the design details in a floor plan and how the energy flow gives me information about the house's owners.

The design details, like the location of stairs, bathrooms, fireplaces, and bedrooms, all make a difference in the energy flow through your space.

The energy is either flowing and nurturing you, or it is slow, stagnant, and blocking you from reaching your goals and living your desired life.

Do you have stairs near the front door, a bathroom in the center of your house, a bedroom over the garage, or a dining table visible from the front door? Every design detail in your floor plan matters. They support or limit energy flow through your home and your life.

You can buy new furniture, freshen the paint and decorate your home, but if the “flow” is off in your floor plan, you are wasting your time and money.

Check out this youtube video of a peek into a floor plan reading   https://youtu.be/mAZDO4dwpPk

A Flow Reading of Your Floor Plan Helps You:

  • Discover where the flow is slow, stagnant, and blocked in your floor plan and your life.
  • Learn how to direct energy flow through your floor plan and house to minimize the impact of draining design details.
  • Create a plan with action steps you can take to bring your home into flow alignment so you can thrive.
  • Design better flow and a happier, create a space that emits inner peace and a more fulfilling life.

There is a remedy for everything!

Even the most challenging design details have a solution.

Find out how your floor plan's structure, design details, and flow impact your current and future life experiences.


Here Is A Peek Inside A “Flow” Reading Of A Floor Plan

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