A friend called me this morning and asked me if there were any Feng Shui remedies that would help her family get along on Thanksgiving. It seems that some of the family members can only be together for a short time before negative comments start.  She was worried because her 87 year old mother would be at the family gathering and she wanted it to be peaceful and fun for her mom.  What advice could this Feng Shui Consultant give her?

I gave her 4 steps to follow for a peaceful and fun holiday gathering.  This is what I told her:
1. Gratitude, take some quiet time and give gratitude for all of the positive things you like about your family.
2. Set an Intention for the holiday gathering.  What is it that you want? Write it down using the present tense, as if it is happening right now.  Feel it in your body, the feeling you will have when it is happening the way you intend it to be. Release it and if any doubt creeps in. shift your thoughts to what you want and/or intend. Stay focused on what you want.
3. Power Phrase for keeping the conversation on a positive note. Something she could say that would move the conversation back in a peaceful and fun loving direction.  The phrase would relieve any worry she might have because she knows that she has a phrase that she can use if she needs help refocusing her family.
4. Increase the Chi in the family part of the bagua. The best way to increase the chi is to use living things, like a plant or fresh flowers, even a fish tank would work. Put her written intentions in a red envelope and place them in the family area. By performing the increasing the chi remedy she is bringing positive energy to her family interactions.
You too, can follow this 4 step plan to increase the peace and fun at your holiday gatherings, whether the gathering is in your home or another space.
Holidays, Families, and Feng Shui

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