Feng Shui is about creating harmony in your space and your life. When your outer environment and your inner environment are balanced using Feng Shui principles you will be more relaxed, confident, and productive.

  • A nourishing, relaxing space reduces stress and rejuvenates your body, mind and spirit.
  • Harmony in your space creates more ease and flow in your daily life.
  • Feng Shui principles help you manifest and achieve your goals.
  • You are in control of creating your environment

Energy is all around us, in our bodies, our objects, and our space. The easiest energy to understand is the energy that is visible like water flowing in a river. We see it so we know it is there. It is the invisible energy that is harder to understand like the energy present in our spaces. It is there even when we cannot see it.

 “Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it” ~ Albert Einstein

Do you remember when you were in science class in school? You learned that everything is made up of molecules. The molecules are in constant motion, that is the nature of energy. Look at a table, even though it looks solid, the molecules are always moving. This same science concept is operating in your environment all the time. The energy is on the move.

The goal of Feng Shui is get the energy to flow around and through your space with harmony thereby creating a nourishing space for you.

Feng Shui principles allow you to influence how the energy flows. This is how it works.

I am going to use the metaphor of a river to explain how energy flows in your space.

A river has banks that guide the path of the water. Sometimes the river is straight, other times it turns and curves making a path for the water. The water follows the guidance of the banks.

The water in the river can rumble along or trickle, become deep or shallow, or form stagnant pools with no flow.

Most rivers have rocks of various sizes. The large rocks change the flow of the water as it goes around the rocks. Small rocks can slow down the river as it passes over them but does not change the direction of the flow. If there are too many rocks in an area the river may backup, slowing down the flow to a stillnesst.

The water in the river represents the flow of energy in your space. Energy flows through your space just like the water flows in the river.

The walls of your home direct the energy in your space just like the banks of the river direct the water.

Think of your walls like the banks of the river,  guiding the energy from room to room. Think of your furniture as the rocks in the river, directing the energy around your space.

The mouth of your river is the front door of your space, that is where the energy enters your home. The walls guide the energy from room to room and the furniture moves the energy around it. Your floor plan (the walls) and the placement of your furniture either creates flow in your space, slows it down or blocks it.

Look around your space at the walls and the furniture with the concept of flow in mind. What do you notice? Tell me what you discover in a comment below.


Nancy Dadami is a Feng Shui Mentor, Destiny Strategist and Speaker. She teaches open-minded people to tap into their personal passion and power so they can live their best life and make a difference in the world.


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