Does where I place my bed in my bedroom have anything to do with my health?


Yes, the placement of your bed affects your health in many ways. If your bed is improperly placed you may experience one or more of these symptoms:

  • Headaches including migraines
  • Anger orange bedroom
  • Restless sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Heart trouble
  • Illness along the midline of the body, digestion, nose, mouth, reproductive organs etc.
  • Accident prone
  • Trouble maintaining intimacy
  • Narrow point of view
  • Chronic illness

I worked with a client once that had her bed on the same wall as the door and she had trouble sleeping through the night. She tossed and turned all night long.  She could not relax enough because she was too close to the door and her body could not fully rest. It was always on alert which caused her to be a light sleeper at best.

The best placement of the bed in a bedroom for good health is:

  • the furthest from the door without being in direct line with the door, called command position
  • facing the door so you can see the door while you are in bed
  • any other bed placement will be problematic to your health, like a bed on the same wall as the door, a bed in direct line with the door, or a bed that does not have at least the head or one side against a wall.

Here are other bed tips that will ensure good health in body, mind and spirit:   

  1. Make sure to keep the space under your bed clear, yes, nothing stored under there. The air needs to flow around your bed to rejuvenate you as you sleep. Stuff under the bed slows that process down and can rob you of your vitality.
  2. Do not use electric blankets because they create electromagnetic fields that can be harmful to your health. The blankets send electromagnetic current through even when they are turned off. They need to be unplugged or better, removed from the bed. Have a Feng Shui practitioner use their gauss meter to give you  a reading, you will be surprised.
  3. Make sure the headboard is solidly attached to the bed and against the wall. This creates a foundation for support while you sleep and is symbolic for support in the rest of your life too.
  4. All parts of the bed should be in good condition.The frame, the box springs, and the mattress. Don't forget all the bedding too. The pillows, blankets, sheets, mattress cover, and comforter.
  5. Water beds and air beds do not have the strong foundation and support for the individual. There could be problems with stability and ability to take action. A traditional mattress is best.

Take a moment to reflect on the health of your mind, body and spirit. Next look at your bed and determine what needs repair, cleaning or moving and make an action plan. Remember your bed is one key to your good health and if you place it right and take care of it, it will take care of you.

“There is a remedy for everything”   


How DoesYour Bed Effect Your Health?

2 thoughts on “How DoesYour Bed Effect Your Health?

  • at 10:48 am

    Ah, the headboard, it is important. The headboard symbolizes the foundation and support in our lives. There are so many types of headboards to choose from. You can even make one with plywood and cover it with fabric that fits your decor. A piece of advice, don’t wait to find the “perfect” headboard, sometimes starting with a simple one will help you figure out what you really want. Let me know what you decide.

  • at 12:33 pm

    Great article. Very helpful. Only thing that I need to remedy is a headboard. I don’t have one. I’ve used a large picture as a headboard instead. I have not found a headboard I like.

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