We can probably all agree that gossip is not a productive business activity. The thing I learned about gossip is that it creates a downward spiraling energy force that is destructive to everyone involved, the ones gossiping, as well as the ones being gossiped about. A toxic energy vibe is created whenever people participate in judgmental talk about others.  Our spoken words, thoughts, and actions mold the energy vibes of our experiences. When we speak, think, or act with appreciation our energy vibe is uplifting just as judgmental words, thoughts and actions create draining energy vibes. The energy vibes we send out into the world act as a magnet and draw similar experiences to us. If we are speaking, thinking, and acting in positive ways our business will be positive. The more time we focus on uplifting words, thoughts, and actions the more success we will have. On the other hand the more time we spend on gossip or draining words, thoughts and actions the less success we will experience.

It is time to do a self- inventory, are our words, thoughts, and actions mostly uplifting or draining? Have we been gossiping?  The way to check that is to look at our current experience; it shows us what we have been focusing on and where we have been putting our attention and energy. If we want more business success we must speak, think, and do something different.

How Is the Gossip Factor Affecting Your Business?
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