Perfection used to have a tight grip on me, causing me to second guess every decision. Is this the right move? Did I do it right? Did I do

Inner Critic
Inner Critic

enough? Am I enough? Do you find yourself questioning your decisions? Or maybe your worry about getting it right prolongs the process of making decisions.

A few years ago I embraced the SoulCollage process and the first character I met was my “inner critic”, standing there casting doubt on everything and threatening to cause me harm if I did not do it right. I was shocked to discover that part of myself As I worked with the image many of my fears and worries made more sense.  I discovered where I held high expectations for myself and where I gave my power away to the expectations of others. I began to recognize my reaction to how the critical comments of others impacted my sense of self.

Fast forward two years, the perfection is still alive within but the voice is much softer now. And I recognize the “inner critic” voice in others when it is directed at me and it does not hold the power it once did.

How Long Does the Grip of Perfection Last?

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