Running Your Own Business? Law of Attraction Tools I'd Use if I Were You” Part 1
by Michael Losier

Have you found yourself wondering if there's more you could be doing with Law of Attraction and your business? Do you even know if you're doing it right? I hear from a number of people both at seminars and TeleClasses who want to make sure they're doing all they can to tap into Law of Attraction to help their businesses grow.

For those of you who have been long time students and subscribers of mine, you've likely been reading and seeing all the success I've been creating for my business – deliberately. I consistently attract all the right perfect ideal people, events, opportunities, students, sponsors, media opportunities, and everything I need with ease to spread the Law of Attraction message worldwide. Many of you have been watching that happen… and thanks for helping!

A key thing to remember – in order to deliberately attract your ideal prospect, you need to do something deliberate, hence that's why it's called ‘Deliberate Attraction'.

So, let's start at the beginning on How to Attract Your Ideal Prospect. Those of you who see me as successful will want to know “What would you do if you were me?

To attract your ideal prospect using Law of Attraction here are the top three things I would do:

Tool # 1 – Identifying Your Ideal Prospect – Building Your Clarity List
You may recognize this as step 1 in the 3 step formula for Deliberate Attraction. Everything starts here! Just to recap, build a list of what you haven't been liking about the prospects you've been attracting and convert “what you don't like”, to what you “do like”, by asking yourself the question “So, what do I want?” This is an ongoing exercise. In other words, once it's completed you'll naturally want to update it later on as you encounter contrasts that you initially forgot to identify. So keep this list and build on it. Remember – doing this exercise sets the energy in motion.

Tool # 2 – Resetting Your Vibrations BEFORE You Make Your Prospect Calls.
Given your history of attracting the kind of prospects you were getting, you may be carrying over some of those vibrations. Just remembering what you used to attract will bring more of it (whether negative or positive), so to reset your vibration around your prospecting, read your clarity list (Step 1) to refresh your memory and reset your vibration just before making your calls.

Tool # 3 – What to Do After the Call?
Immediately after making your prospect call, refer back to your clarity list and acknowledge and celebrate how closely they matched your ideal prospect list. For example, if they had four out of the fifteen desired characteristics on your list, you would then give your attention, energy and focus to the four items that matched. Some positive matches could be:

# 1 – They showed up for the meeting and were on time
# 2 – They asked me really good questions
# 3 – They had good energy and were friendly
# 4 – They were interested in my product or service

The more time you spend celebrating the matches, the more time you're including the vibration of how you want your ideal prospect to be in your current vibration. Typically after a prospect meeting where the prospect didn't sign up, most people spend at least an hour in a negative vibration state feeling disappointed; ticked off; disillusioned; feel they wasted their time; and other negative vibrations as the result of not attracting a new client or customer. Instead of focusing on these negative thoughts, focus on the matches to raise your vibrations.

Now you have some new tools to attract your ideal prospects. Celebrate and acknowledge the closeness of the match.

This article was taken from Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction Ezine. Michael is a Law Of Attraction Author and Facilitator Trainer Extraordinaire. His website is

How To Attract Your Ideal Prospect

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