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Do you begin your day with thoughts about yesterday’s challenges?

Meet Katherine, whose feelings of anxiety and overwhelm from saying yes to a family member by putting her needs last.

It is maddening when she skips her self-care over and over again by agreeing to the requests of others without stating what she wants.

She voluntarily gives up her self-care in silence without negotiation or compromise. Katherine never knew that setting intentions could help her set boundaries.

Then there is Marcy, a woman on a mission to organize and declutter her home.

She is busy tackling the “stuff” in her bedroom, the stack of books overflowing from her nightstand onto the floor, the treadmill in the corner gathering dust, the boxes of sweaters and old taxes stored under her bed, and the old clothes in her closet she has not worn for a couple of years.

The problem, Marcy gets scattered, loses focus, and can’t quite get the job done.

She doesn’t know about the power of setting intentions. She keeps trying harder every day and feels guilty when she can’t make progress.

Why Setting Intentions Is Important

· Intentions are the foundation, the first step in building the future that you desire. Think of intentions as the building blocks to create your ideal life. You can have happiness, peace of mind, love, a rewarding career, a life with purpose, and much more.

· Intentions help you focus on what is important to you. You get clarity on what you want when you are fine-tuning your intentions.

· Intentions have no limits. You are free to intend the life and experiences you truly crave.

· Intentions improve your confidence and self-awareness. Manifesting what you want gives you a boost, even if manifesting takes a little longer than you want.

· Intentions keep you grounded, moving forward, and taking action. You can see evidence that what you intend is coming into form.

You have been given your desires to create them into reality. There is a famous quote from Rumi that says it so well.

“What you seek is also seeking You” ~ Rumi

You can create more of what you are seeking by setting intentions.

How To Supercharge Your Intentions Into Reality

· Know what you want with clarity and detail

· Use powerful words when creating your intentions

· Eliminate the words that dilute your intentions

· Incorporate Creative Expression with your intention setting.

· Make creating intentions a daily practice


Katherine is setting boundaries with her family and carving out time to care for herself. She is discovering a new way to begin her day and she feels more peace and purpose.

Marcy is learning about setting the energy rather than trying harder. It is easier for her to make decisions about her “stuff”. The ease in decision-making is spilling over into other areas of her life too.

I have created an online course to help you discover the exact step-by-step system to manifest your intentions without spending years trying to crack the code.

There is a whole section on how to supercharge the words you use to create your intentions in my Secrets To Create Intentions That Get Results Course. See the course here

Nancy Dadami envisions a world where: home provides a refuge to refresh and replenish, Intentions are bold, and Creative Expression is brave.

A sought-after Feng Shui Specialist + Creativity guide + course creator. She has been spotlighted at AT&T, Clayton Valley Village, Mt. Diablo Unified School District, and The Jennylyn Show on KMVT TV.

When she is not painting up a storm, you can find her snipping roses in her garden to add the beauty inside her home, creating new flavors of gluten-free scones, and optimistically strolling along the seashore to sighting pelicans diving into the water for a fresh fish meal.

Her first course — Secrets to Create Intentions Into Reality — is available on Teachable here



How To Supercharge Intentions
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