zen rocks stackedThe Feng Shui bagua is a powerful tool to identify harmony and flow in your surroundings. It also shows the energy centers in your home or workplace.

Each energy center represents a specific area of your life.

The Feng Shui bagua is used to interpret your life – the areas of struggle and success. It is also used to show where Feng Shui adjustments are needed.

The Bagua, often referred to as a Feng Shui map, shows you which areas of your home or workplace are connected to specific areas of your life.

The Feng Shui Bagua life areas are:

  • Family & Ancestors
  • Wealth & Abundance
  • Fame & Reputation
  • Relationships & Marriage
  • Children & Creativity
  • Helpful People & Travel
  • Career & Life Path
  • Knowledge & Inner Magnificence
  • Health & Well-being

Which of the life areas listed above do you want to transform?

The Bagua is a messenger using your space to give clues about your current circumstances in specific areas of your life.

You will begin to see your space with “Feng Shui eyes” as you assess each life area. Download your free Bagua here.

How to Use the Bagua

The Bagua is placed on a floor plan of your home just like a template, so you can identify each area and determine which of the nine areas is in each part of your home.

Step 1

Sketch the layout of your home or room you want to analyze. It is important to be as accurate as possible. Include all the rooms and the garage if it is attached to your home.

Make a separate drawing for each floor if it is a two-story home. A two-story home would have two floor plans, one for the ground floor and the other for the second floor.

Step 2

Placing the Bagua on your floor plan is easy

The first way is to hold the Bagua flat, like a dinner plate full of food. Stand at the front door of your space. Hold the Bagua so the knowledge, career, and helpful people areas are at the bottom, nearest to you.

Imagine dividing your space into nine sections. Each section represents a different part of your life. The top left area represents your wealth and abundance, the top right area represents your relationships and marriage, and the bottom middle area represents your career and life path.

The second way is to draw on your floor plan by dividing it into nine equal parts. I usually draw an empty tic-tac-toe diagram over the floor plan. This allows you to identify each life area for easy reference.

Step 3

Identify each section of the bagua template in your space. Each section represents a different life aspect.  For example, the back left corner is associated with wealth and abundance, while the back right corner represents your relationships and love.

Step 4

Analyze each area on your sketch and see how it corresponds to the areas of your house. Identify where each area is located. Where is your relationship area? Where is your health area? Where is your wealth and abundance area? Is it your bedroom, the kitchen, the garage, or a bathroom?

Now, look deeper. What is in each area of your home? Is there beauty, clutter, and broken things? Is the furniture arranged for flow throughout your space, or does it seem crowded?

Are there cluttered, empty areas or in need of repairs? This is where you get some clues about your life. Do you want to improve your relationships or find a partner? Look at that area of the bagua in your home. What do you see there?

During one Feng Shui Consultation, the client focused on increasing his wealth. When we looked at his wealth and abundance area, we saw an old, worn, torn chair with some stuffing hanging out. The area was also filled with stacks of outdated newspapers and magazines. There was also a picture on the wall of two lions fighting on their hind legs. Not a supportive environment to grow wealth or abundance. It reflects the state of his mindset and current circumstances regarding wealth.

Once an area is identified, look at what is there. Is clutter, beauty, broken things, or furniture blocking the flow?

You may want to read “A 4-Step Guide To Get More Flow”. More details about what you see in your space and flow and how it works together.

Examples of people changing their fates with Feng Shui Consultation, adjustments, and remedies in specific parts of the Bagua.

A man claims he received a large tax refund after adjusting his wealth and abundance area.

An entrepreneur said business improved when she adjusted in the helpful people area.

A woman reported that her self-confidence and productivity increased after she adjusted the knowledge/inner magnificence area.

Another client started her online business as an entrepreneur after adjusting her career/life path.

“Feng Shui adjustments and remedies are designed to release what is holding you back and activate what you want.”

Looking at your space with the Feng Shui bagua and your “Feng Shui eyes,” you will see clues revealing your life's challenges and celebration areas.

Leave a comment here or on the contact page of my website to let me know what you discover as you use the Bagua at home or workplace.

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Nancy Dadami is an Intentional Creativity Guide, Feng Shui Specialist, and personal development cheerleader. Her passion is to serve seekers, conscious creators, and online entrepreneurs called to expansion, education, and freedom. This results in living the best version of themselves, creating a life of abundance, self-awareness, purpose, and inner peace. Claim your FREE “Your Inner Peace Matters Checklist” Here

How To Use The Feng Shui Bagua

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