I am growing and expanding my awareness of how the world works. Insights and synchronicity happen to me all the time.

Here is the embarrassing part, Up until now I have been afraid to share my expansion with you.

By sharing only Feng Shui I am limiting myself, my growth and insights on life.

My new insights and growth come from two new areas of study. I am in my 5th year of a clairvoyant training program where I learn about managing the energy within and around me and also in spaces. 2 1/2 years ago I embraced intentional, intuitive art which allows my creativity to flow, and lets me communicate with my Soul.

Through art and clairvoyance, I get insights that I use every day personally and professionally in Feng Shui, Soul Talk, Energy Reading, and Soul Flow Art.

My intention is to incorporate ways to boost our personal growth with you so each of us can reach our fullest potential. No more hiding for me.

Personal Growth is the way to success for anything you want.


NANCY DADAMI is transforming the way spirited women function in their homes and workspaces. She teaches smart business owners to create workspaces that make their heart sing, empower their work and shorten their path to success.

I Can't Hide Who I Am Becoming, And Neither Can You

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