What is “seventh heaven” anyway? My mother would always say she was in “seventh heaven” anytime something wonderful happened. Sometimes she would use the term ” seventh heaven” to describe her longing for an experience yet to come. What does Feng Shui have to do with ‘seventh heaven”?

When your personal energy is in alignment and balanced you reach a state of “seventh heaven”.  How do we align our personal energy you might ask? I found “seventh heaven” during a Crystal Bed Light Therapy(CBLT) session . CBLT starts where you are and takes you to chakra alignment and balance in forty minutes. Think of aligning and balancing your chakras as Feng Shui from the inside out. Imagine taking “seventh heaven” with you everywhere you go. Check the bottom of the newsletter for a Crystal Bed Light Therapy session special.

The word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disk  and corresponds to one of seven basic energy centers.Chakras are thought of a spinning vortexes of energy.  Each chakra is connected to different  levels of spiritual awareness, body functions, emotions, personal life issues, and our overall health. The chakras are continually interacting with our energy field and energy fields of others and our surroundings. As vortexes of spinning energy, chakras are places we receive, absorb and send out life energies.

When we are in alignment the chakras work like a finely tuned instrument and we feel great.  When life experiences, thoughts and beliefs disrupt our energy balance our chakras can become overactive or underactive causing havoc with our body, mind or spirit.  An underactive chakra does not receive energy well and can't send that chakra's energy into the world. There is a sense of being physically and emotionally closed down in the area of the underactive chakra. When a chakra is overactive, it is too overloaded to operate in a healthy way and becomes a dominating force in the person's life. Someone with an overactive fifth chakra (throat) , for example, might talk too much and not be able to listen well. If the same chakra were underactive the person might withdraw and have difficulty communicating.

“Seventh heaven” is a place of harmony and bliss in your body, your mind, and your spirit. When you act from this place all things are possible.

In “Seventh Heaven”