I Choose a symbol each year. As I work with my symbol throughout the year I get insights that increase my self-awareness. Often the insights are in the areas of my life that are ready to transform.

Symbols Are Powerful Self-Awareness Tools

Symbols have the power to open a portal into the energies of the universe. I believe symbols are portals into the possibilities of your destiny and you can incorporate them into your everyday life.

The portal is a gateway for the energy of your transformation and desires to enter your energy field.

Each year I paint my symbol for that year and I began the journey to insights and increased self-awareness. insights I am about to receive. I paint symbols into my art intentionally.

 At some point the energy of my sacred symbol begins to radiate from the canvas, fill the room and bathe me in their power.  That is when I know the portal to increased self-awareness is open.

Choose a symbol for your year and leave a comment to let me know what symbol showed up for you. If you have trouble choosing a symbol contact me and I am happy to help.

Nancy Dadami is a Flow Strategist, Creatively Fit Coach, and Soul Flow Artist. Her passion is to teach coaches, consultants, empaths, and healers to live in “the flow”, manifest their dreams, and create abundant inner peace within their life and business

Increase Self-Awareness With Symbols

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