She had just gone to bed, turned out the light and it started again.  Her bed was moving sideways and it was not an earthquake. She lay in the dark trembling and her fear grew bigger by the minute.  Who would believe that her bed had moved and no one else was in the room? They would think she was crazy for sure.She was going to have to tell someone because this was happening more often and she couldn't live like this anymore.

Actually she started to think that something like a spirit might be in her bedroom. The thought of that was more frightening than the bed moving, but she had no other explanation.  She remembered other things that had happened that didn't make sense either.  Like the time she arranged her books on the kitchen table and in the morning two of the books were in the bathroom. One time she thought she saw someone watching her out of the corner of her eye. She turned quickly and no one was there. Another time she was out in the garage doing laundry and a picture hanging on the wall near her began to swing back and forth. Nothing else in the garage was moving. Another time she smelled smoke in the living room. She thought there might be a fire in the house. She checked everywhere and found nothing burning.

I told her “This is more common than you may think. I have heard of many events like yours.  Each is unique and yet they all have something in common.  Many times a spirit is stuck in a home or space for a variety of reasons. Most times they are ready to go to the light/heaven but don't know how to get there. Somehow they missed the call when they left their body. Now they need help getting to the light/heaven.  A trained Feng Shui expert can assist spirits move to the light/heaven. She was relieved to know that she was not going crazy and that there was a solution for her problem.

Do you have any strange or unusal events or feelings in your house? Do things happen that you cannot explain. Maybe you see, hear, or smell things that you know are not caused by you. It is possible that you may also have a spirit in your house.

A Feng Shui space clearing is designed to assist the spirit to the other side. Many clients have felt great relief and peace after a space clearing and report that the spirit is gone.

Is There A Spirit In Your House?

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