Have you had the opportunity that you knew with your whole being was meant for you?

Was it something you were being called to do? YES was the only possible answer.

That happened to me a few years ago, and it did not make sense to my logical thinking mind. My inner critic wanted to stop me by putting doubts and fear in my path.

I knew it was for me because the YES came from my voice within. I have learned that my inner voice is not something I can ignore. This felt like it was the next step in my growth journey.

Today I am going to share that step I took.


Painting from the Soul took my life to the next step on my growth journey. I discovered abundant inner peace, a positive perspective on life, creative solutions in all areas of my life, more active intuition, and a connection to my Soul's messages.

I believe that when you show up at the canvas, your soul shows up at the back of the canvas – that is when the dance begins, and anything is possible.

I believe when one person is empowered, and we are each uplifted.

Nancy Dadami is a Flow Strategist, Creatively Fit Coach, and Soul Flow Artist. Her passion is to teach coaches, consultants, empaths, and healers to live in “the flow,” manifest their dreams, and create abundant inner peace in their life and business.

Is This Your Next Step In Your Personal Growth Journey?

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