I walked into her home and I could see and feel the personal transformation that had taken place within her.  She had risen from the ashes of despair, depression, and confusion to a life of  joy, enthusiasm, and creativity. What had been a sterile, unhappy, lifeless space was now vibrant, nurturing, and full of life. What had made the difference for her?  She took my recommendations to heart and began looking around her home and removing everything she did not really love.  If it was just okay or did not make her feel uplifted when she looked at it, she got rid of it.  That was quite a process, looking at every piece of art, furniture, blank walls, inside closets, every place the eye would wander. Some things were easier for her than others, she knew she wanted to change the dining room table and chair arrangement, that was easy.  She would look at an item and ask herself  “Do I love this ?” If the answer was yes, she kept it and everything else was removed.  The secret was allowing herself to “feel” the question and answer for each item and make a decision out of love.  She was loving herself by surrounding herself with nurturing and uplifting items. And her home was transforming  too, with every item she let go of a piece of the despair, depression, and confusion also left.  She was creating an environment that would support and nurture her as she reached for more joy, vibrant health, and artistic expression.  With only a few changes she began to feel a shift in her space. She was happier and more hopeful about her future. This new happiness and hopefullness gave her the energy and focus to stay the course . She began to buy artwork that she really loved and  she organized her things so she could see something she loved from almost anyplace in her home. She developed a passion for surrounding  herself with things that she loved. Clutter was not a problem because she did not really love all the “stuff “she had, she knew it was weighing her down and robbing her of  her joy, her vibrant health and her enthusiasm for life.

Everything in your surroundings, all your stuff, has an energy and carries a vibration. The vibration is either uplifting or draining. Each item makes an energy deposit with you everytime you see it or think about it. The deposit is either uplifting or draining according to the vibration it carries. When you surround yourself with only things that you love you open the door to your freedom, health, joy, creativity, and enthusiasm for life.

Love, Clutter, and Feng Shui

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