Our health, wealth, and happiness depend on it. Everyday we make choices that affect it.  Luke Skywalker referred to it as “The Force”.  This “Force” or chi as it is referred to in Feng Shui is the energy in everything, everywhere.

Remember learning about atoms and molecules in science class. We learned that atoms and molecules are always in motion, even when an object seems to be solid, like a table. The energy or “chi” is constantly moving. It is the same energy that is in our bodies, in our furniture, in our thoughts, and in our homes. The energy surrounding us is continuously swirling and interacting with us. The energy either uplifts us, creating great health, wealth, and happiness or it drains us and takes with it our health, wealth, and happiness.
There are two types of energy. Positive, uplifting energy which supports and nurtures us and makes us feel good or negative and draining energy which makes us feel depleted, blocking our opportunities and draining our health, wealth, and happiness.

It is easy to determine which type of energy is moving about. Ask yourself this question “How does this person, place, or thing make me feel?” Positive feelings create energy that is uplifting and make you feel good. Negative feelings create energy that is draining and make you feel bad.
To show what I mean let's check out the energy of some different places. Picture yourself in the grocery store, how do you feel there? Picture yourself at the beach, how do you  feel there? See yourself at the airport, how does that feel? Picture yourself at home in your bedroom, what does that feel like. Each place you just recalled had a different energy, could you feel it?
When you think of healthy house plants, beautiful art, an organized space, friendly people, happy pets, and items that you love surrounding you how do you feel? All of those items can be used to adjust and uplift the energy of a room because they have positive chi/energy. On the other hand when you think of clutter, broken items, sick or dying plants, angry or complaining people, and items that cause you distress surrounding you, how do you feel? Those items are draining your energy and creating blocks to your health, wealth, and happiness.
Imagine standing in the doorway to your bedroom. Look around, what do you see? Ask yourself these questions as you look at each item:
  • How does it make me feel?
  • Do I love it?
  • Does it uplift me?
  • Is it broken and am I willing to fix it now.
  • Will I keep it or get rid of it?

Surround yourself only with items that you love, that make you feel good when you look at them. Do not keep something you do not love just because someone gave it to you and you don't want to hurt their feelings. Your health, wealth, and happiness are at stake here.

It is simple,  Love it or Leave it.
Your health, wealth, and happiness depend on it.
Love It Or Leave It

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