Medicine Painting opens a portal to your possibilities and elevates your insights, intuition, and consciousness.

You show up at the front of the canvas and your Soul shows up at the back of the canvas – the dance begins.

Medicine Painting

It is an exercise in letting go and letting in.

Letting go of control, perfectionism, and feelings of not being good enough, letting go of I am not creative. I am not an artist.

Letting in divine guidance, insights, and transformation as you let the brush lead the way. You are the artist of you life, you are creating every day.

When you practice creativity you create new neural pathways in your brain that open new patterns of thinking, perspectives, problem-solving, and elevate your consciousness toward awakening.

No experience with painting is necessary. The focus is on the process, not the finished painting, although the painting can be amazing.

The process of medicine painting is where the magic and transformation happen. Open the door to possibilities.

Answer the call of your creativity

Group sessions for 2 or more people.


Personal individual sessions with you and me.

Sessions on Zoom, Teachable, and in-person(depending on COVID protocol)