When we are young I am not sure why we think our parents don't know anything.  It is easy for us to critisize the way they do things. And then one day when we are in our early twenties we realize they know so much, much more than we ever saw before. I was lucky to be able to share with my mom and talk to her for thirty years after I woke up and recognized she was wise.

I shared my joy, despair, elation, love, crazy ideas, and most of all I shared my dreams. I shared what I wanted for my future, how I wanted to make a difference for people.  She listened and gave me words of encouragement, she was my cheerleader. I could always count on her support.

Her last words for me were “Never give up your dream”. I have carried those words in my heart since her passing. I have come to believe them and I live my life by them.  I wanted to share them with you because they are filled with great wisdom.

I think you will enjoy Susan Boyle's journey too because she did not give up her dream either.


Never Give Up Your Dream

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