Is your desk facing the wall, facing the window or in direct line with the door? Can you see the door when you are sitting at the desk? The placement of your desk influences your prosperity, peace of mind, and opportunities for success.

One of my clients had her desk in direct line with the door, getting things accomplished was a struggle. She had been working on a project without much progress. When she moved her desk into the correct position, within 2 days she had her project finished. She was surprised with the quick results.

Furniture placement is one of the Feng Shui remedies that shifts chi and creates flow in your life. Where and how you arrange the furniture in your space either creates ease and flow or struggle and stagnation. The last thing you need is to have your business gasping for air and struggling to stay alive.

The way you have the furniture arranged in your office directly influences your personal power and professional success. How do you feel in your office? Overwhelmed, disorganized, stressed, confident, productive,or prosperous? If your furniture placement is not supportive to success you will work harder, longer and use more energy to get things done.

Here are 3 Feng Shui actions you can take to increase your prosperity, productivity and peace of mind:

  • Place your desk in the Command Position. The Command Position puts you in charge and brings you more opportunities, prosperity and peace of mind. Command position is the furthest from the door, facing the door, but not in direct line with the door. An example, if you enter your office door on the right side of the room the desk would be positioned in the back left corner, facing the door. When you move the desk to this position you will notices changes right away.
  • Placement of your desk chair is best if it is supported by a wall behind it. This gives you a view of the door which allows you, not only to see people as they arrive, it also allows you to see opportunities coming your way.
  • Your desk needs to have walking access on both sides to ensure ease in planning and taking action. If your desk has one side against the wall, you are using more effort and energy doing business than necessary.

When you change one thing, it changes everything. The changes you make with furniture placement pave the way for the personal and business changes you seek.
I wonder what changes you will experience after you move your desk?

If you want a more in depth Feng Shui assessment of your office call me for an on site consultation.

No Clients…..Blame Your Desk
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