This method is used to clear all negative, stale, or stagnant energy from your home.

1. Purchase a fresh orange

2. Sit in a peaceful place in your home.

3. Cut 9 small, round, disk-like pieces(circles) of the rind only, not the orange.

4. While cutting the orange rind think about the energy you would like to clear from your home and all the things you would like to be released.

5. Place the orange pieces in a small bowl of water. Say your intentions into the bowl of water and orange pieces.

6. Starting at the front door, walk through each room and sprinkle water by dipping the fingers on your right hand into the water. Use a flicking motion to sprinkle a small amount of water in each room. Visualize negative and stagnant energy is being released.

Nancy Dadami ~ Feng Shui Specialist ~ Energy Reader ~ Intuitive ~