Do you ever feel like you are working hard and not getting anywhere? Wonder if you will find true happiness/success? Confused about what you should do next?

Chances are the reason you feel that way has something to do with your Inner Feng Shui. The Law of Flow applies to your personal chi/energy as well as your spaces. Chi is the life force energy that moves through all people, places and things. When your personal chi flows freely within your body you are healthy and happy. If you do not have enough personal chi you may find yourself tired, confused or sick. If you have too much personal chi you may find yourself restless, agitated and unable to focus. Personal chi impacts your body, speech and mind. Your personal power is influenced by the amount of personal chi available in each situation.

Do you know how much personal power you have available to you? Do you know where you stand on the Personal Power Triangle? When you identify where you are standing on your Personal Power Triangle it is easier to make decisions about purpose, happiness and intentional living.

Your Personal Power Triangle

Think of a situation that is troubling to you.  Maybe it is a relationship with a family member, a client, a business colleague or a personal challenge that you face.

Imagine a triangle in front of you. You may want to draw it on a piece of paper. In the center is your Personal Power. Your Personal Power comes from the core of you, your inner self.

At the top point of the triangle is “standing in your power”. This is where you feel confident, courageous being who you really are, speaking your truth, and living an intentional life.

At the bottom left point of the triangle is “giving away your power”. This is where you may feel guilt or shame about your actions. It is also the home of I am not enough, there is not time for me, and I can’t say “No”. Often people feel powerless when in this position.

At the bottom right point of the triangle is “taking back your power”. This is where you recognize that you have given away your power and decide to take your power back.  This is the beginning of believing that you can change your situation. This step requires consistent action to move you back into standing in your power. You may start by putting your needs first.

What part of the Personal Power Triangle are you standing in regarding your troubling situation?  Awareness changes everything, it gives you the power of choice. You can choose to move to another area on the Personal Power Triangle.


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Nancy Dadami is a Feng Shui Consultant, Creativity Coach, and Speaker. She teaches open-minded people to live in “the flow” and align with their Inner Magnificence so they can create magic in the world.

Personal Power: Where Do You Stand?
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