Have you ever been a witness to your own behavior? It is like watching yourself act as if you are separate from your actions.

I was in a workshop creating on an art project. I noticed that part of me was getting frustrated because I was taking too long, the project was not turning out how I wanted, and my work did not look as good as other people’s projects. It was if there was a voice in my mind telling me I was not doing it right.  As time passed I began to feel overwhelmed. I noticed that each time I made progress a part of me would criticize my efforts or the work itself. That was when I realized there was an “inner critic” operating within and it could be ruthless. Once I discovered that part of myself I was able to consciously ask that voice to be quiet and take a break.

Through SoulCollage® I am able to identify other parts of my personality such as: miss responsible, the dreamer, teacher, artist, rescuer, judge, lover, organizer, joyful child, gardener, and loyal friend. These are my inner committee, the parts of me that are always there to advise me about each situation. Working with SoulCollage® cards has allowed me to work with my various personality parts to have a greater understanding of where it came from and what it is trying to achieve. Now I can consciously call on a committee member to assist another, as my inner Wise Mother, who will tell the Inner Critic to sit down and be quiet for now. It is a liberating experience.

I am a Certified SoulCollage® Facilitator and offer monthly workshops. . SoulCollage® is trademarked. Learn more at the official SoulCollage® website, where you will meet Seena Frost the founder of this work. You may also purchase her book at the website. www.soulcollage.com

Ready To Tame Your Inner Critic?
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