The Ritual of Exchanging Red Envelopes

The ritual of exchanging red envelopes has its roots in traditional Chinese folklore and culture. The Chinese red envelope is the customary symbol of exchange when Feng Shui information, “remedies”, ceremonies and adjustments are shared.


Why Use Red Envelopes?

  • Using Red envelopes shows respect for the Feng Shui knowledge that is shared.
  • Using red envelopes taps directly into Feng Shui lineage and brings thewisdom and power of the ancestors to reinforce the Feng Shui adjustments.
  • Red envelopes strengthen and enhance the effectiveness of the Feng Shui information given.
  • To receive money in a red envelope brings good luck to both the person who gives it and the person who receives it.

How to Use Red Envelopes

Your payment for Feng Shui services may be given separately from the red envelopes or may be included. The choice is yours.

The Feng Shui practitioner will tell you how many red envelopes you will need for the information shared.

Place money in each of the red envelopes, the amount is not important. It could be a penny or more. The red envelope enhances the effectiveness of the Feng Shui information.

Use new red envelopes for the best results

The Red Envelope

  • Symbolizes Good Fortune and Power
  • Gives blessings and positive energy
  •  Diffuses negative energy
  • Its rectangular shape resembles that of ancient shields and symbolizes protection for everyone involved in the sharing of Feng Shui information

Each night the Feng Shui practitioner places all the red envelopes under his/her pillow and sleeps on them, offering blessings and reinforcing the positive intentions to all those who shared in the Feng Shui experience. In the morning the practitioner removes the money and saves all red envelopes to be burned on an auspicious day.