What People Say After Working With Me...

My husband had been ill, and, with the help of Hospice, we were able to honor his wish to die at home. The house felt sad. I needed to have the space cleared so that energy could move more freely in the house as I began a new chapter of life. Nancy helped me articulate the energy I wanted to release from the house and the energy I wanted to bring in. The space clearing ritual itself felt sacred and organic. Nancy also gave me some Feng Shui perspectives for the changes I wanted to make. My focus for the consultation was to make my house feel more like a creative space and it does. The house feels energized and so do I.
Bonnie Keast
The classes I have taken with Nancy have made a profound impact on my life. I have spent many hours pursuing the mechanics of painting, yet tapping into the artist within me had proven to be elusive. Nancy guided me though simple yet powerful exercises that opened up my creativity. Thanks to Nancy’s skill as a teacher I now feel like I can create art that comes from deep within my being.
Jane Martin
Artist, Intuitive Reader
I wanted to create an energetic opening to reach new clients with my healing practice. I wanted an office environment where clients felt comforted and supported..The experience was actually a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed the chanting and smudging with orange peel. Nancy is a master of the art of Feng Shui. She has a deep understanding of Feng Shui. She explained each part of the process in a succinct manner. Nancy taught me tools so that I could continue to update the space as my practice grows. It was empowering to create a three-dimensional version of my business plan.Now, I receive lots of compliments about the office. Feng Shui is working! I attract my best clients - the ones who just happen upon my work somehow as opposed to traditional networking."
Myra Nissen
CCH, RSHom(NA), Certified Classical Homeopathy for Women's Health
We provide a residential care facility for the elderly. and we had trouble getting new residents. It We call Nancy when this happens and she always "comes to the rescue. She refreshes the energy in our facility which makes it more appealing to prospective new clients. We love working with Nancy. She returned recently, now the facility seems filled with positive energy. We have rented an empty room and we have even been contacted by an agency who can refer new clients to us! And there are more positive results coming in. Nancy makes our facility peaceful and inviting. The relationships with clients, family and staff are in harmony after she does her work. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for improvement in the energy, the staff and the occupancy rate of their facility."
Flor Reyes
Flor Reyes, RN
Reyes Guest Homes, Inc.
A sudden transition in the family made us feel uneasy in our home. I hired Nancy to come in and do a space clearing. It was a very freeing, restful, and comfortable experience. It did not conflict with my strong Christian faith beliefs at all. Now I feel at ease in my own home. I feel freer and the negative sensations are gone.Later, I attend a workshop on floor plans and Feng Shui which was fun and informative. Because I am an architect it was especially interesting to me. In fact, based on what Nancy taught, I changed the design of a new home that I was working on and the client is very happy with the plans.Between the space clearing and what I learned, something has shifted. I am now very busy with existing projects and have some new ones coming in as well. I am so excited that things are going well and that money has been flowing in!"
Nelda Arras
As a teacher, I often felt frustrated and overworked in my classroom. My classroom felt chaotic and cluttered. I yearned for a deeper sense of calm even though I am comfortable with the activity of students working on projects. I trusted Nancy’s approach and sensibilities. She has a calming presence and brings a sense of positivity into her communication. She taught me to understand Feng Shui as she evaluated and proposed options for my classroom. Together, we moved the teacher work area to the power place in the room and opened up a wall area to include a better sense of spaciousness and included some large student art pieces. As students entered the redesigned classroom they instantly felt an energetic difference from the year before. They commented that they felt lighter and less stressed out. Personally, I feel calm and more able to handle to normal chaos of students engaged in a variety of hands-on projects in my classroom.
Dr. Rona Zollinger
Educational Innovator
I am inspired and impressed with the Feng Shui Vision Board product. It is easy to understand and guides me step-by-step through the process of capturing my dreams. I like the template that offers 9 life areas we all experience in our lives. As I answered the questions for each of the life areas I uncovered more clarity for my life and my dreams. Putting the images on the vision board was easy and fun . Now I have a physical reminder of my clarity and dreams.
Sandy Guderyon
Life Coach