Giving Life Depth, Value and Meaning

I have found this item to be useful in deepening my connection and awareness of Soul working through all parts of my life. My hope is that you will find value and meaning when you bring them into your experience too. Please share your thoughts about them, I look forward to your questions and comments.


Mark Nepo's personal journey with cancer changed the way he interacted with his world.And he has been sharing his wisdom with us ever since.  I shared his first book The Book of Awakening  and now I share his latest book: Seven Thousand Ways to Listen.
” I had to learn how to keep emptying and opening, how to keep beginning. I have had to lean into all I don't understand, accepting that I am changed by what I hear.”….. “It seems that intuitive listening requires us to still our minds until the beauty of things older than our minds can find us.”


What beauty is trying to find you

Soul Connections

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