How does one choose art that beautifies your home and is aligned with your intentions? Have you considered what messages your subconscious mind is receiving from the art in your home?

The artwork in your home has power. It radiates subtle energy into your space, bathing you continuously in messages present in the art. From the intentions of the artist who created it, to your intention in buying it, plus the messages present in the images in the art. Those intentions and images are emitting energy into your home. Is that energy positive, supportive and uplifting or is it negative, unhappy and draining?

If you have blank walls you are missing a great opportunity to fortify what you want.

Looking with Feng Shui eyes is a way of seeing beyond what is visible to your eye. It is a way of looking at the subtle meaning of an item or the energy radiating from it into your home.

Once I had a painting of two swans that hung in my living room.  I originally bought the painting because I like swans. I did not know about Feng Shui eyes then. I just liked swans and the picture was the right color and size for the space.

The swans were facing each other with their chests puffed up almost touching. It was as if they were posturing, each one trying to be the dominant swan, daring the other to back down.

When I began looking at the painting with Feng Shui eyes I realized the painting was about conflict, trying to muscle someone into submission and over powering them. None of those qualities I wanted flowing through my home or my life.  At that time my relationship was filled with conflict and a bully who wanted to control me. That painting had to go, and fast.

Ask yourself these questions when you look with Feng Shui eyes?

  • Why do I have this piece of art in my home?
  • What drew me to this art?
  • Look at the images in the art. If no images what are the dominant shapes and colors?
  • How does the art make me feel? Happy, sad, peaceful, stressed, etc.
  • What messages do I see from the images and colors in this art?
  • Does this art reflect my intentions for my life?

The art you choose to hang in your home matters. It transmits energy to you and fills your space with the message of the art, and the intentions of the artist. The message is either supportive to your life force or draining your precious energy.

You decide what messages and subtle energies your art brings to your space by looking with Feng Shui eyes. Either way your space is pulsing with the messages and energies of the art. You are a receiver of that energy, just like an antenna receives a radio signal.

Nancy Dadami is a Feng Shui Specialist, Creatively Fit Coach, and Artist. She teaches open-minded people to live in “the flow” and align with their Inner Magnificence so they can build confidence, magnetize what they want, and thrive as their authentic self in the world”.

Stop Missing The Messages From The Art In Your Home

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