3 Tips for Getting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t Want

We learned in science classes that everything is vibrating, even when we cannot see the vibration. So if everything is vibrating that includes you and me. You  have an energy vibration or vibe going on within all the time and that vibe matches your thoughts and feelings. You are attracting events and people into your life that match the vibe you are sending out. If you want something different , you have to change your thinking. Here are three

Love It Or Leave It

Our health, wealth, and happiness depend on it. Everyday we make choices that affect it.  Luke Skywalker referred to it as “The Force”.  This “Force” or chi as it is referred to in Feng Shui is the energy in everything, everywhere. Remember learning about atoms and molecules in science class. We learned that atoms and molecules are always in motion, even when an object seems to be solid, like a table. The energy or “chi” is

The Power Of Nature

A few minutes in nature and I look at everything differently. I could be in my backyard looking at the details of a single rose, listening to the song of birds in a forest, or resting on the sand of a sunny beach. It is as if mother nature drapes a blanket of “peace” over me. When I allow myself to get lost in the moment in the beauty of nature my personal energy shifts

A Sure Way Increase Your Chi

People are always asking me how to increase the energy of thier space. Well, the first suggestion is to increase your personal energy or chi.  There are all of the traditional ways of doing that like eating healthy food, sleeping well, and drinking plenty of pure water.  The other sure way to increase your personal chi is to MOVE.  Yes the body in movement, especially joyful movement is a definate winner. See the u-tube video