A 4-Step Guide To Get More Flow

Think of a time when you were in “the flow”. It might have been like this: Your days moved easily from one activity to the next. You felt peaceful. Making decisions was easy You were positive, believing anything was possible Being happy and uplifted was natural Stress is the opposite of flow.  Think of a time when you were not in “the flow” Life may have looked like this: Your days were a struggle trying

The Impact of Clutter on Your Vitality, Time and Money

During our discovery session, she told me she felt “stuck” and unable to move forward in her life. Her romantic relationship was in a holding pattern. She was not getting new clients in her business, and she was running out of money, she did not know what to do. When people tell me, they are stuck I know the flow of subtle energy in their home is out of harmony. If I go to their

School Principal Gets Feng Shui Boost And Everyone Benefits

An elementary school principal  had insomnia, ate on the run and did not have a self-care routine. She  worked late into the evenings, ignoring her needs, to get things done. She was stressed and exhausted. She knew she could not keep up this pace and be the leader she needed to be for her teachers, staff and students. That is when I got the call. In my years as a teacher and principal I saw

Clutter In Your Office, What’s It Costing You?

What is the cost to you for disorder and clutter? There is a cost to you when you do not take time to set up systems to organize your office. Think for a minute about all those times you might have put that paper in a pile instead of a file and later spent too much time trying to find it. Your personal and professional cost of having disorder and clutter in your space is:

Everday Feng Shui Secrets

Have you ever had an Ah Ha experience? The kind that catches you by surprise and gives you a great insight to how the world works?   I had an Ah Ha experience the other day at the gym, of all places.  I strolled over to my favorite treadmill, the one that has a big window overlooking the pool and neighboring hills. A peaceful scene, nature and the rhythm of people swimming laps. I stepped up