Do You Need A “Creativity Makeover?”

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As a guide and mentor for creatives, healers, and entrepreneurs I understand the ebb and flow of the creative process. You may find yourself staring at a blank canvas or computer screen with no clue how to tap into your creativity. Other times you may feel uninspired, afraid of failure, or burned out. You may ask yourself do I need a “Creativity Makeover”? Let me share with you the “Creativity Makeover “journey of Sarah a

10 Tips to Increase Flow: The Pathway to a Fulfilling Life and Business

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Flow is not a fleeting moment of joy but an essential part of creativity and a fulfilling life. In our vast experience, a different state of being exists where time loses its grip, and everything fades away. This state is referred to as “flow.” It is not a mental state but a doorway to ultimate joy, creativity, and fulfillment. Imagine a moment when you’re entirely immersed in an activity; your focus is laser-sharp, and your

Is This Your Next Step In Your Personal Growth Journey?

Is This Your Next Step In Your Personal Growth Journey?

Have you had the opportunity that you knew with your whole being was meant for you? Was it something you were being called to do? YES was the only possible answer. That happened to me a few years ago, and it did not make sense to my logical thinking mind. My inner critic wanted to stop me by putting doubts and fear in my path. I knew it was for me because the YES came

Why Is Spring Cleaning Good For Your Well Being?

We have been having yo-yo weather, some days with warm sunshine and others with cold rain. I am not sure if it is spring or winter. Either way it is time to do some spring cleaning, I know I will feel healthier and happier by that simple act. Imagine spending winter in your house shut tight against the cold, heated by coal, oil, and wood,, lighted with candles. That is how life was in times

Stop Missing The Messages From Your Soul

Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom with SoulCollage® II  ~Soul Whispers It is an easy, intuitive process of self-discovery. A way to honor all of who we are and who we are becoming.   In the SoulCollage® I ~ Create It workshop you experience your inner wisdom by creating 5” x 8” collage cards, listening to your Soul in the process.  This 2 hour workshop SoulCollage® II ~Soul Whispers is designed to take you deeper into

Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom With SoulCollage®

Your soul reveals messages to you through images. What does it want you to know? Free Your Inner Artist Awaken Your Creativity Access Your Inner Wisdom for Answers to Life’s Questions You will be introduced to the elements of SoulCollage®. Guided through the process of intuitively choosing images, making your own small collage, and participating in a powerfil exercise using your collage.

The Bagua – Energy Map

The Bagua is an energy map placed over a floor plan to read the energy of your space. It is used to look at the energy/chi of each area of life to determine the current situation and what  Feng Shui adjustments are necessary. Is there clutter in your relationship area? Perhaps you are having trouble in your relationships, which shows up in your home. Clutter blocks energy and creates a drain in the area of

Two Inches Below Your Naval – Bingo!

This is the home of the energy center or chakra that oversees new beginnings, Spring, family dynamics, social interactions, intimacy, unresolved issues, and foot pain or problems. Each chakra also corresponds to a part of the Feng Shui bagua.  Let’s take a look at the chakra and Feng Shui gua that is represented by Spring. Put your hand on your naval, drop down two inches and you will find it.  Your “social center” or “feeling center”, your second