The Bagua – Energy Map

The Bagua is an energy map placed over a floor plan to read the energy of your space. It is used to look at the energy/chi of each area of life to determine the current situation and what  Feng Shui adjustments are necessary. Is there clutter in your relationship area? Perhaps you are having trouble in your relationships, which shows up in your home. Clutter blocks energy and creates a drain in the area of

Holidays, Families, and Feng Shui

 A friend called me this morning and asked me if there were any Feng Shui remedies that would help her family get along on Thanksgiving. It seems that some of the family members can only be together for a short time before negative comments start.  She was worried because her 87 year old mother would be at the family gathering and she wanted it to be peaceful and fun for her mom.  What advice could this Feng

Two Inches Below Your Naval – Bingo!

This is the home of the energy center or chakra that oversees new beginnings, Spring, family dynamics, social interactions, intimacy, unresolved issues, and foot pain or problems. Each chakra also corresponds to a part of the Feng Shui bagua.  Let’s take a look at the chakra and Feng Shui gua that is represented by Spring. Put your hand on your naval, drop down two inches and you will find it.  Your “social center” or “feeling center”, your second