School Principal Gets Feng Shui Boost And Everyone Benefits

An elementary school principal  had insomnia, ate on the run and did not have a self-care routine. She  worked late into the evenings, ignoring her needs, to get things done. She was stressed and exhausted. She knew she could not keep up this pace and be the leader she needed to be for her teachers, staff and students. That is when I got the call. In my years as a teacher and principal I saw

3 Step Feng Shui Formula to Boost Your Confidence,Clarity & Peace of Mind

Today I am going to tell you the  3 step Feng Shui Formula that will bring you more Confidence, Clarity and Peace of Mind. Have your ever put yourself on hold to get your “work” done? Have you ever put your family on hold because you had so much to do and you were determined to get it all done? Have you ever thought if I just work harder or longer I will make progress

3 Feng Shui Clues to Find Your Voice In The World

The design details of your home are a reflection of what is going on within you. Your choices of color, artwork, furniture, as well as the design details of your space tell a story about you. As a Design Detective I help clients see the details in their space that hold them back. Change one thing and it changes everything.   Question: I was talking to a friend and she told me my front door

Is Your Office Causing Struggle In Your Business?

 Are you trying to build a successful business? Are you also struggling to put all the business components in some order without the success you desire? Would you like to stop trying so hard and use less effort and have more fun? When our office space is inspiring, uplifting, and harmonious it creates an energy alignment with our business which makes success easier and more fun. When our office space is cluttered, chaotic, or stressful

Stop Missing Opportunities In Your Business

Are you avoiding learning about furniture placement because you are not a Feng Shui consultant? Better not, because whether you place your desk facing the wall, facing the window or in direct line with the door, the last thing you need is a business that is gasping for air and goes down. Okay, fasten your seat belt as we race our way into the power behind furniture placement in your office. Find out for yourself