Here Is A Peek Inside A “Flow” Reading Of A Floor Plan

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Did you know your current concerns, problems, and challenges are visible in your floor plan? Come with me as I show you the design details in a floor plan and how the energy flow gives me information about the house’s owners. The design details, like the location of stairs, bathrooms, fireplaces, and bedrooms, all make a difference in the energy flow through your space. The energy is either flowing and nurturing you, or it is

What Is Revealed In A “Flow” Reading Of Your Floor Plan?

Your house tells a story about you. The floor plan of your space reveals that story and the areas that challenge you, such as relationship, health, money, career or confidence problems. When I look at your floor plan with “flow alignment” eyes I can see everything that is showing up in your life, the good, great and what needs improvement. In the floor plan in the video below, you will see the design details that