The Bagua – Energy Map

The Bagua is an energy map placed over a floor plan to read the energy of your space. It is used to look at the energy/chi of each area of life to determine the current situation and what  Feng Shui adjustments are necessary. Is there clutter in your relationship area? Perhaps you are having trouble in your relationships, which shows up in your home. Clutter blocks energy and creates a drain in the area of

How Safe Are Cell Phones?

There are more than 300 million cell phone users in the United States, and some of them have reported symptoms including: Headaches Fatigue Facial Heating Loss of Concentration Insomnia Nausea These symptoms are just the beginning, there are many other possible health risks, including brain cancer, eye cancer, infertility, and DNA damage. Professionals believe there is a link between cell phones and serious health issues such as ADD , ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s Disease

Feng Shui Tips for March

Everywhere I look in nature I see the quietness and dormancy of  Winter beginning to reach for the new life of Spring and I am reminded of the importance of Spring in Feng Shui. A time of new beginnings, a time to decide what it is you really want, and a time to clarify your intentions. A time to set priorities and balance for your life. Want more harmony in your life? Try these Feng

Your Home Mirrors You and Your Health

Your home has a unique structure and energy that mirrors you and the health of your body systems. Your choices, thoughts and expressions all contribute to your emotional, spiritual and physical well being. What have you been thinking lately? How have you been expressing yourself, or not expressing yourself? What choices have you been making to honor yourself? The answers to these questions will help you see if you are supporting or depleting your energy and