Navigating the Holidays When You Don’t Feel Like Celebrating

Navigating the Holidays When You Don’t Feel Like Celebrating

Michelle planned for her holiday family gathering like she did every year. She cleaned her home, purchased holiday lights, and created a delicious menu. But in the middle of the celebration, Michelle had to excuse herself. She went into the bathroom and started sobbing. Her heart was raw from the loss of a loved one, and she was having trouble feeling happy. What was usually a celebration was colored by the overwhelming pain she felt.

Now Is The Time

The phone rang and it was Margaret asking what Feng Shui remedies she could perform that would give her a more joyful holiday season.  “Tell me about your holidays” I said. After she answered  I asked  “What would you like your holidays to be?”  Maybe you are like Margaret, looking for more from the holidays.  Now is the time. Yes, now is the time for each of us to look beyond ourselves. This video may be the answer you

Holidays, Families, and Feng Shui

 A friend called me this morning and asked me if there were any Feng Shui remedies that would help her family get along on Thanksgiving. It seems that some of the family members can only be together for a short time before negative comments start.  She was worried because her 87 year old mother would be at the family gathering and she wanted it to be peaceful and fun for her mom.  What advice could this Feng