What’s In Your Wallet?

Harmony rock in sand with small white stones around it

My son told me many years ago, “If you take care of your money, your money will take care of you.” At the time, I was not sure what he meant. Of course, that was before I became a Feng Shui Master.  Now I know he was right.   You might wonder what your wallet has to do with this. Look inside your purse or wallet. What you see will tell you much about your

The Most Important Feng Shui Action You Can Take

The most important Feng Shui action you can take has the potential to change your life. There is always a beginning to turning things around. It is the moment we decide to change our ways. Sometimes, a small change can make a big difference. Would you be willing to make a small change if you knew it would make a big difference in your life? Keep in mind that everything is energy, and the energy

4 Easy Feng Shui Tips to Generate More Money

The Design Detective is in… Do you know the way you have your space arranged tells a story about you?  Your choices of color, artwork, furniture, as well as the design details impact every area of your life i.e. your wealth, health, relationships,  career, and your opportunities. The story reveals what keeps you from having what you want.  As a Design Detective I “read” the clues in your space and create a blueprint for you

Prosperity Makeover

Boost Your Income In No Time Fine Tune the 3 Prosperity Hot Spots in Your Home Take Control of Your Abundance   When you purchase the Prosperity Makeover You’ll Get: A full analysis of the 3 prosperity “hot spots” in your home The most effective, easily implemented feng shui remedies to shift your prosperity Now! A technique to make your remedies “super charged”

Feng Shui and Law of Attraction Tip #1 – Creating

How do you create what you want? You create by molding Energy to attract the people, places and things you desire. You mold the Energy by your thoughts, words,  and the power of your focus. Whatever you are focusing on, whether wanted or unwanted, will increase.  I was with a friend today and he was complaining about not having enough money. He even said he was tired of not having enough money. He spent ten minutes focusing on not having

When Too Much Is Not A Good Thing

When I was a teen-ager, my girlfriends and I used to say “You can’t have too much money or be too thin.”  We used to talk about it  so much, I am sure we believed it. I like to think of myself as wiser and more mature now, and I am not so sure that statement is true, especially if trying to achieve it causes us too much stress, anxiety or worry. I came across a quote from

Feng Shui Tips for March

Everywhere I look in nature I see the quietness and dormancy of  Winter beginning to reach for the new life of Spring and I am reminded of the importance of Spring in Feng Shui. A time of new beginnings, a time to decide what it is you really want, and a time to clarify your intentions. A time to set priorities and balance for your life. Want more harmony in your life? Try these Feng