Where I am from…

Red Rose

I am from the land of curiosity, creek walking, rope swings, & hiking to the old oak tree. I am from red roses and butterflies And playing jacks and laughing until I cry. I am from walks in the forest, and the sounds of redwood mulch crackling under my feet. I am from soaking in hot tubs and engaging in deep conversation I am from bold intentions, Freshly roasted walnuts, bear claws, and bergamot tea

Harness The Power Of Sacred Symbols To Improve Your Life

  Symbols influence you every day, even when you are not aware of it. Your brain recognizes and knows the meaning of many common symbols. When you see a red circle with a diagonal red line through it you have instant recognition. You know it means “No”. No to whatever is pictured inside the red circle, no smoking, no food, no swimming, or no pets. The International Red Cross organization uses a symbol of a

9 Tips to Overcome Procrastination and Boost Your Confidence – Part 2

In part 1 you met Francine, she was struggling with procrastination in the area of her health and happiness. Have you ever wanted to get healthier and not been able to get started or started but not been able to stay with it?Read Part 1 Here Meet Francine, a small business owner, author, wife, mother, effective communicator,  and spiritual seeker. She had solid relationships with her clients, friends and family. There was that one area

Magnetize What You Want the Simple Way

Nancy DadamiNancy is known for blending the energy of the outer world with the power of the inner world, creating a sacred container for inner peace, personal growth, and well-being. Nancy’s mission and commitment are to empower women in their relationships with Self and others, which she does through Creativity workshops, and Feng Shui.  “When one person is empowered, everyone is uplifted” ~ Nancy Dadami Before becoming an artist, Nancy was a high school principal

5 Manifesting Facts You Need to Know

What do you really want that you have not manifested, yet? Is it a loving partner, financial freedom, radiant health, or a meaningful career? Somehow your desires seem stalled even though you have invested your precious time and energy trying to manifest your goal. You might think if you work harder and longer, sacrificing time for yourself that you will reach your goal. Manifesting Facts You Need to Know Fact #1 – Manifesting is happening

What Everyone Ought To Know About Their Inner Critic

Think of a time when your inner voice was very critical of you for something Not knowing what you want Not being able to make a decision You Ignore taking action that you know is going to help you get to your goals You feel paralyzed by fear and can’t take action Meet your inner critic. The Inner Critic is a powerful force within that tries to keep you from changing, even if you want

9 High-Priority Feng Shui Health Principles

Imagine yourself in a place that makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and happy. You may find yourself at the beach, in a painting class, or in your living room listening to music. You know what it feels like to be in harmony. Now imagine yourself in a place that makes you feel overwhelmed, nervous and frightened. You may find yourself on crowded public transportation at rush hour, at the doctor’s office waiting for test results

4 Steps To Create Powerful Intentions That Get Results

You have done it, I have done it, everyone has done it at one time. Do you remember the woman wearing a “put together” outfit, who walked up to the microphone with such self-confidence that you were sure she was the leader of the organization? At that time, you thought “I wish I could be that successful and confident”. Then there was the time you saw a parent at the park, with a bunch of

The Impact of Clutter on Your Vitality, Time and Money

During our discovery session, she told me she felt “stuck” and unable to move forward in her life. Her romantic relationship was in a holding pattern. She was not getting new clients in her business, and she was running out of money, she did not know what to do. When people tell me, they are stuck I know the flow of subtle energy in their home is out of harmony. If I go to their

Preventing Burnout and Fatigue

4 Women Entrepreneurs Share Tips on Preventing Burnout and Fatigue Preventing burnout and fatigue is not often discussed among women business owners, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an issue. In a recent conversation Sue Painter hosted for women entrepreneurs the term “entrepreneurial exhaustion” surfaced. As we discussed this, we realized there are at least 5 signs you’re in trouble with burnout. Nancy DadamiNancy is known for blending the energy of the outer world with

Unlocking Your Destiny Code

Would you like to live in the flow, feel more freedom, and have more fun? Imagine waking up knowing you are in flow with your natural rhythms, aligned with your purpose and filled with excitement about your day. Sometimes you follow all the rules or the expectations of your boss, partners, colleagues, children, and society.  It is easy to lose who you are when trying to always please others. What happened to your wants and

The Impact Of Feng Shui On Self-Confidence?

Have you ever told yourself “If I only had more self-confidence I know I could find the right relationship, be happier, or make more money?” Your home gives clues about your self-confidence. How you arrange your space influences what and how you feel about yourself, and how you feel about yourself impacts your self-confidence. Nancy DadamiNancy is known for blending the energy of the outer world with the power of the inner world, creating a