A Way To Happiness During Challenging Times

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I am thinking of you as the holidays are upon us. We are all being asked to sacrifice our traditional celebrations, and I am wondering how that is impacting you. Your thoughts, conversations, and your feelings. Sometimes your mindset is, “Yes, I can do this.” Other times feelings may surface that lead you to fear, anger, and worry. I know it is important to allow ourselves to feel our feelings, and we cannot get stuck

Prosperity Makeover

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Energy Space Clearing

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October Prosperity Tip

Do something different. Take a new route on your way to the grocery store, go to a new restaurant or coffee shop, stop by that new shop in town, or visit to a new town. Yesterday I went to a city I had not been to for several years and I was surprised how beautiful it was. My senses were stimulated trying to take it all in. When you do something different you bring in the

A Golden Opportunity Tiger Tune-Ups

Are you working hard and falling short of where you want to be? Do you wish you had more time, energy, and focus? Looking for more abundance and prosperity in your life? How Much Would You Benefit From? Maximizing your time, energy, and effort? Creating change that really matters? Living a life of abundance, success and balance? Nancy DadamiNancy is known for blending the energy of the outer world with the power of the inner

Feng Shui Tips to Reduce Family Stress During the Holidays

Does the thought of gathering with your family for the holidays make you feel stressed? The holidays are portrayed as a time of joy and family traditions, but for many people feelings of loneliness, obligation, and stress surface as the holiday season gets under way. Between the end of November and January,  Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s. That is a lot of celebrating and honestly, all that holiday togetherness is not always easy.

The Bagua – Energy Map

The Bagua is an energy template used with a floor plan to read the energy of the space. It is used to look at the energy/chi of each area of life to determine what Feng Shui adjustments are necessary. There are nine areas of life represented in the bagua. Each area is unique in its characteristics. The nine areas of the bagua are: Nancy DadamiNancy is known for blending the energy of the outer world