School Principal Gets Feng Shui Boost And Everyone Benefits

An elementary school principal  had insomnia, ate on the run and did not have a self-care routine. She  worked late into the evenings, ignoring her needs, to get things done. She was stressed and exhausted. She knew she could not keep up this pace and be the leader she needed to be for her teachers, staff and students. That is when I got the call. In my years as a teacher and principal I saw

Is It Time To Put Your Foot Down?

Do you have stressful things in your life that you are tolerating? Things that do not seem to be life threatening but stressful to you just the same? Are you settling for less because you do not want to create a problem for someone else? Or maybe you think it is easier to go along with others rather than say what you really think. When you tolerate stressful situations they rob you of your true

Want More Focus, Clarity, Vitality & Grace?

Do you jump out of bed in the morning feeling excited about your day? Do you know that beyond a doubt you will be focused, clear and have tremendous energy all day. Ever feel that no matter what comes up you will be able to handle it gracefully? There is a way that you can experience that excitement, focus, clarity, and tremendous energy. Three weeks ago I renewed my morning practice. Yes, I renewed it

Do Things Happen In Your Home That You Can’t Explain?

She had just gone to bed, turned out the light and it started again.  Her bed was moving sideways, it was not an earthquake. She lay in the dark trembling. Who would believe that her bed had moved with no one in the room? They would think she was crazy.She was going to have to tell someone because it kept happening and she couldn’t take it anymore. His 3 year old daughter said “Daddy tell the boy to go away,

An Expert, A Turkey, and Feng Shui

What do you do when you notice something is not working quite right? Are you a fix-it-yourself kind of person? How long do you struggle before you ask for help? Do you want to give it just one more try to see if you can fix it before you give in? We all want to feel that we have some control over our circumstances, that is human nature, but when we take that control too far

Why Be Pickier About What You Think?

“You’re picky about the car you drive. You’re picky about what you wear. You’re picky about what you put in your mouth. We want you to be pickier about what you think”.     — Abraham Who is in charge of your life, you or your mind? You are the chooser but the mind is oh, so clever at grabbing for control. Just think about the last time you were trying to get somewhere in heavy traffic.

When Too Much Is Not A Good Thing

When I was a teen-ager, my girlfriends and I used to say “You can’t have too much money or be too thin.”  We used to talk about it  so much, I am sure we believed it. I like to think of myself as wiser and more mature now, and I am not so sure that statement is true, especially if trying to achieve it causes us too much stress, anxiety or worry. I came across a quote from

Energy Vampires Drain Your Life Force

There are some people that always seem happy, and it is fun being with them. I feel happy just being around them. On the other hand there are some people that complain or are angry about everything and it is difficult being with them. When I am happy, or joyful, my energy is positive, uplifted and I am sending out “good vibes”. On the other hand when I am angry, or stressed, my energy is