How Business Skills Make An Impact And Catchfire

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Recently, I was crawling through Patagonia’s website when I stumbled upon a link about putting your talents into real action to make a positive impact.  That all sounded great to me, so I clicked and discovered a whole world of match making for business professionals like myself, who want to lend their unique skills to non-profits in need on a project basis. matches skilled professional volunteers with nonprofit organizations to help them with their

Now Is The Time

The phone rang and it was Margaret asking what Feng Shui remedies she could perform that would give her a more joyful holiday season.  “Tell me about your holidays” I said. After she answered  I asked  “What would you like your holidays to be?”  Maybe you are like Margaret, looking for more from the holidays.  Now is the time. Yes, now is the time for each of us to look beyond ourselves. This video may be the answer you