As I put my left foot into the canoe I could feel the canoe rock and slide away from the dock. My right foot was solidly planted on the dock, my left foot in the canoe, and my hands firmly grabbing the gunnels of the canoe. I was between two worlds with one foot in each. I was about to leave the security, steadiness, and safety of land for the constant movement and change of water. The only sure thing I new was that I had to commit to either the dock or the canoe because I could not survive long with a foot in each world, the canoe was moving away from the dock and in a few seconds I would be in the water if I lingered without making a decision.  Of course I could always “try” to hold the canoe in place by squeezing me legs together and then I realized that would take all of my energy and concentration, which would leave no power for any other thoughts or action. The best decision was to step into the canoe with both feet, commit to the ride, and that is what I did, freeing myself for a new adventure.

Reflecting on this canoe  experience I asked myself a few questions. How do I make decisions? Do I easily step into the choice or do I stand in hesitation with one foot in each world? What do I need to know or do to feel comfortable making a decision? What is the cost to me of lingering or hesitating to make a decision? Where in my personal and professional life do I hesitate to take a stand?

One thing I know for sure the canoe ride was exhilerating, uplifting, and just the adventure I needed.

Taking A Stand

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