In just one session, Nancy helped me get clarity on critical issues which were bothering me and helped me come to a deep sense of peace within. The health challenges that I had been facing, and as a result a lack of energy suddenly lifted. My vitality and personal Chi has increased beyond my wildest dreams.Initially, Nancy came to our home to do a space clearing. Next I went to her office for a ‘personal Chi’ session. Both led me to realize that my own inner Chi was lagging, and I wanted to do more to elevate it. That’s when Nancy suggested a Crystal Bed treatment.Within a few crystal bed treatments, Nancy suggested we add Crystal Clear Coaching to the treatment and with that my energy soared. I released so many self-limiting issues and had a renewed sense of vitality. For the first time in months I have confidence that my body and energy can keep up with my goals, desires and entrepreneurial creativity. I continue to work with Nancy as she helps me reveal and unfold a deeper understanding of my inner self. Thank you Nancy for the help you provide in so many areas of my life."

~ Joan Silva, Money Coach with Your Money Dream

A sudden transition in the family made us feel uneasy in our home. I hired Nancy to come in and do a space clearing. It was a very freeing, restful, and comfortable experience. It did not conflict with my strong Christian faith beliefs at all. Now I feel at ease in my own home. I feel freer and the negative sensations are gone.Later, I attend a workshop on floor plans and Feng Shui which was fun and informative. Because I am an architect it was especially interesting to me. In fact, based on what Nancy taught, I changed the design of a new home that I was working on and the client is very happy with the plans.Between the space clearing and what I learned, something has shifted. I am now very busy with existing projects and have some new ones coming in as well. I am so excited that things are going well and that money has been flowing in!"

~ Nelda Braver, Architect, Braver Designs, Inc.

I wanted to create an energetic opening to reach new clients with my healing practice. I wanted an office environment where clients felt comforted and supported however it was absolutely important that the office not look like it had been “Feng Shui’ed” For example, I did not want to have obvious things in the office like gold coins or crystals hanging from the ceiling or any of what I conceived as stereotypic trappings of Feng Shui.The experience was actually a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed the chanting and smudging with orange peel. Nancy is a master of the art of Feng Shui. She has a deep understanding of the work and takes what she does very seriously. She was able to explain what each part of the process in a succinct manner. Nancy taught me tools so that I could continue to update the space as my practice grows. It was empowering to create a three-dimensional version of my business plan.Now, I receive lots of compliments about the office. I have several other practioners with whom I share space, and I appreciate that there are no obvious signs that the office has gone through the Feng Shui process. Feng Shui is working well to help me attract my best clients – the ones who just happen upon my work somehow as opposed to traditional networking."

~ Myra Nissen, CCH, RSHom(NA), Certified Classical Homeopathy for Women’s Health

Our facility, a residential care facility for the elderly, was having trouble attracting new clients. We had a low occupancy rate and it was hard to get new clients to say “yes.”We’ve worked with Nancy before and she always “comes to the rescue” when we are having trouble. She always give us invaluable business advice and helps us refresh the energy in our facility.We love working with Nancy. There is a sense, when she works, that something good is really happening. She returned recently to help and now the facility seems filled with positive energy. We have rented an empty room and we have even been contacted by an agency who can refer new clients to us! And there are more positive results coming in.Nancy does her best to make our facility and the relationships inside act in harmony. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for improvement in the energy, the staff and the occupancy rate of their facility."

~ Flor Reyes, RN, Reyes Guest Homes, Inc.