The Bagua is an energy template used with a floor plan to read the energy of the space. It is used to look at the energy/chi of each area of life to determine what Feng Shui adjustments are necessary. There are nine areas of life represented in the bagua. Each area is unique in its characteristics. The nine areas of the bagua are:


  1. Career/Life Path/Hobbies/Skills/Type of Work You Do
  2. Self/Knowledge/Inner Magnificence/Spirituality/Intuition
  3. Family/Ancestors/Past/Family Secrets/Childhood Issues
  4. Wealth/Abundance/Finances
  5. Fame/Reputation/Success
  6. Marriage/Partnership/Relationships
  7. Children/Creativity/Future/Fertility
  8. Helpful People/Travel/Opportunities
  9. Health

Each area of the bagua is called a gua and each gua has unique qualities. Associated with each gua is a specific color, family member, body part, time of day, animal, energy meridian, chakra, emotion, sound, and so much more. All of the guas work in harmony, and when one area is blocked or over-energized it causes an imbalance in other areas, which affects the qualities of your life.

I use the bagua and the information of each gua along with the energy of your home or workplace entrances to assess the harmony in your home or workplace. To learn more about Feng Shui and consultations, see my website.




The Bagua – Energy Map
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